Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opening Village Doors® Foundation?

Opening Village Doors Foundation [OVDF] is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt not for profit organization registered in the State of Michigan USA with three goals: to make micro-loans without profit to promising individuals, to increase access to education and training and to increase access to clean water and solar energy in villages we serve. As part of its strategic goal, the organization will engage in community projects from time to time that have significant impact that can create or support systematic change for future sustainability of villages we serve.

What is Opening Village Doors Foundation’s vision/mission?

Our mission is to partner with individuals and villages in sub -Saharan Africa so that they may reach their full potential through sustainable solutions.
We envision a time when the villages we touch are prosperous, healthy and self sustaining and suffering has been relieved because of the micro-loans, community projects, training, education and technical expertise we have provided.


  • We believe that the human spirit has infinite potential when given the opportunity to thrive; we especially believe in the unique resourcefulness of local people to harness their creativity and innovation
  • We act out of compassion and love guided by our faith in God that we are called to serve one another, especially the most vulnerable in the our global village
  • We are committed to partnerships and collaboration: with individuals and institutions in the public and private sectors to leverage resources and maximize impact
  • We maintain the highest standards of stewardship, transparency and accountability

Who does OVDF serve?

Opening Village Doors Foundation aims at improving the economic and social status of individuals and villagers in Sub Saharan Africa, even though the current individuals that we serve are women and their families, we hope to serve individuals with potential who makes less than $2 a day. At times we will we will carry out community development projects that have bigger impact to benefit.

How is OVDF funded?

OVDF raises funds from from individual donations, grants and fund raising
What countries does OVDF serve in Sub Saharan Africa?
Opening Village Doors Foundation serves clients in Kenya and will eventually expand to other countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

What is micro-lending?

According to the USAID, micro lending is a ““A very small enterprise owned and operated by poor people, usually in the informal sector…. the term is restricted to enterprises with 10 or fewer workers, including the micro entrepreneur and any unpaid family workers”

Does OVDF offer training in business practices?

Every month as individuals meet to make their payments and receive capital for business start up, the team in Kenya offers participants training ranging from supply management, savings, pricing and other basic financial skills that individuals need to thrive in their business enterprise.

How can I make a donation?

There are a number of ways to donate to Opening Village Doors Foundation. You can visit our website and donate through PayPal. You can also donate via mail by mailing your check to the address given. There is also creative ways you can pursue by asking your church or business or family to fund raise to support our mission.

Can I donate to a specific project of my choice?

Yes you can by visiting the project wish list on our website and identify projects you want to support.

How are the individuals who receive donation chosen?

All individuals are screened and approved for a loan by an Opening Village Doors Foundation team in Kenya. Many of the individuals who come to us in most cases have been referred to us by current participants in the program.

How does the money contributed by donors get to the project participant?

The money is wired to the local Opening Village Doors Foundation branch in Kenya, which then disburses the funds to the individuals who have been trained and screened.

Can I donate in the name of a friend?

Click here to make a donation in the name of a friend or relative.

How can I get involved with OVDF?

Please visit our website and see how you can get involved

Do you have a Facebook page or can I follow you on Twitter?

To visit our Facebook page, click here. To follow us on our blog click and register to receive updates

Is my gift to Opening Village Doors Foundation tax deductible?

Your gift to OVDF is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please talk to your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of any gift.

What if my question wasn’t addressed in the FAQs?

If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@openingvillagedoors.org