Social Entrepreneurship!

Social entrepreneurship is finally in the mainstream but with different meanings. The definition that articulates Opening Village Doors Foundation is what the Skoll Foundation aims for  and that is “ value in the form of transformational change that will benefit disadvantaged communities and ultimately society at large. Social entrepreneurs pioneer innovative and systemic approaches for meeting the needs of the marginalized, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised—populations that lack the financial means or political clout to achieve lasting benefit on their own.” This  is not a simple goal rather, a journey that is taken over time, learning from mistakes and best practice models that exist.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it starts with helping an individual start a small business, out of the business, they can support their family by being able to put food on the table to paying a child’s tuition. These are steps that build on each that eventually lead to sustainable change in an individual, village and eventually country!

What are your thoughts on social entrepreneurship?

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