Removing Barriers

The poor face a lot of challenges that confront them each day. It is only those with hope and determination that can see beyond the current challenges who thrive. On a given day, many families skip one or two meals a day because they don’t have enough food. Many families’ savings are wiped out or the only asset they had in form of livestock [cow, chicken, sheep, goat] is sold to meet a medical bill of a loved one, funeral expenses and tuition.. The same it true on education, as kids go without schooling or not having the needed uniform, books or school fees to continue with their studies.

The impact of all these challenges can lead to hopelessness and focusing on the present moment than looking at what tomorrow can bring and planning out the future.

All the families that Opening Village Doors Foundation® serves in Kenya are in these situations every day. What we are uniquely suited is that; we are a small non-profit organization that has built relationship with those that we serve. Our team in Kenya visits each family and knows where they live, the challenges they are going through and helps them to start addressing the barriers that face them so that they may succeed. In the midst of all these challenges Opening Village Doors Foundation® belief is; the individuals and families have potential within them, our role is to enable them to reach within their depths of being and stand strong again.

Our presence and support is a source of ‘strength and a ray of hope’ as one of the individual put it in the midst of the barriers that surround them.

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