Help with Getting a Job

Patrick Onyancha moved from his rural village in Kisii to Nairobi to look for work as it is customary for many rural youth as they finish high school. It was very difficult to “get a job” Patrick recalls. It took several months doing any menial job that he could find to support himself and his family back in the village. It wasn’t long before he was told of an opportunity to be a watchman at a local church, which he promptly applied and got. Patrick has been working there for over 3 years now making less than $60 a month.

When he heard about Opening Village Doors® from Mama Kapante who is also a beneficially of the organization, he approached the Kenya team. He received a loan of $350 to start a charcoal and vegetable stand in Ngong market and his business is doing well. Patrick says, ” I can now be able to take care of my family and build a strong future for my son” Because Patrick works at night; he employs one person to help him with selling and stocking.

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