Mama Kapante

Two years ago Mama Kapante did not have anywhere to turn to, with her son in college, a sick husband whose medication had wiped out the family’s little savings they had, Mama Kapante started going door to door asking if anyone had any menial job so she can work for them to get some cash to support her family. “The situation was bad, I had some days we slept hungry and my son was sent home from school” Mama Kapante stated. It so happened in the same year, OVDF was starting operations in her area; she approached the team in Kenya with an idea of starting a small business of selling dry grain. “People will always want to eat” she says with a smile.

Now, Mama Kapante goes from door to door, with her supply of good to sell asking if anyone wants to buy rice, beans, home made soap and colored ‘throw wraps’. At the end of day she returns home with her load a little lighter, tired but with a smile of accomplishment and a feeling of pride. She has established strong relationships with her customers; she knows who needs rice, beans or home made soap on what day and plans her routes that way.

The scenario was not possible eight months ago, thanks for Opening Village Doors Foundation support of $300 she is now able to walk tall with confidence of tomorrow as she spreads the good word of what OVDF has done for her and her family.

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