Empowering with a business!

Lucy is a mother of three children, a girl and two boys, she resides in Ngong, Kenya. She is the backbone of the family when it comes to financial support.  Lucy used to run a small business but fell on tough times and used the funds to support her family needs. When she wanted to start again, she went from bank to bank seeking for a loan but she couldn’t, as she didn’t have any collateral.  She was sharing her frustration with a close friend when the friend referred her to talk to Opening Village Doors team in Kenya.

Lucy received starting capital of $375 to start a poultry farming business. She rears one-day-old chicks and at four months old she sells them to local restaurants and cafes. When asked if there is market for it, she smiles and states “I have already organized with a local restaurant and they have an order ready to go once they are ready.” She bought 200 chicks with the funds and is now counting days and praying that all goes well. Her plan is to pay back her small business loan and request a bigger loan to increase her business. The profit she makes she uses to pay for her kids tuition and meet family obligations.

Opening Village Doors staff Ascar has visited her home twice to see how things are going and to mentor her and answer any questions that she has. She also meet with her group for moral support and supporting other ladies who are also running their own businesses. There are 15 individuals in her group each with her own business.

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